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Tutorial | Center the Model axes with Blender

Sometimes is it possible, that a 3D-Model not correct rotate or the “rotation point” are far away outside of it is (Every Model has its own origin with axis for the rotation, mostly “inside” his geometry). In this little tutorial show we how to set the Model origin and solve the problem with a wrong rotation.


After loading your Model, right click on your Model, to select it.

center a model 1.

And than select on the left side menu: “Set origin / Origin to geometry”

center a model 2.

Also you can set a individuel orgin when you place the 3D-Cursor. So after loading your Model, right click on your Model, to select it. Than set the 3D-Cursor with a left click, rotate the scene and look around your Model.

center a model 3.

If the 3D-Cursor on the right position, select on the left side menu:
“Set origin / Origin to 3D-Cursor.”

center a model 4.
Tutorial | Center the Model axes with Blender2019-04-22T08:33:37+02:00

We’re giving away Canvasio3D Pro licenses

We’re giving away three Canvasio3D Pro licenses every week, from September 17 to October 8 2016!

Canvasio3D Pro | gift promotion
  • And here are the rules for the gift:
  • Anyone can participate in this promotion. Canvasio3D employees are excluded.
  • Create for this your own 3D-Model in the format: .obj & .mtl or .stl.
  • Login and upload your finished Model on our site at Canvasio3D Pro.
  • You can only upload one 3D-Model as a Zip-File.
  • The Zip-File must be no larger than 3MB.
  • As the author, you are the owner of the copyright for the uploaded 3D-Model.
  • By uploading the 3D-Model to our website you agree to show your model on canvasio3d.com

By all uploads we decide at the end of a week, which we like best to show on canvasio3d.com.

Each author that in this promotion participates and we would like show its Model on canvasio3d.com,
receives from us a regular licenses of Canvasio3D as a gift. The decision is final.

We’re giving away Canvasio3D Pro licenses2019-04-22T08:33:37+02:00

Tutorial | Shrink 3D-Model data with Blender

If you show 3D-Models in your website, it’s important that this will load quickly in the Browser, but most 3D-Models have many megabytes of data.

The data from 3D-Models are basically points and lines. The points determine this precise position in a 3D-Space and the lines connecting these points to surfaces.

A rounded- or complex 3D-Model needs many “points and lines”, however with a good 3D-Software can you some of this connections delete, without deteriorating the quality and thereby reduce the data size of this model.

That’s how the Remesh-Modfier works in Blender:

Import you 3D-Model:

  • Click left top on “file”.
  • Move the mouse down and select: Import.
  • After loading, right click on you 3D-Model in the Blender window.
blender | import model
Select on the right top little toolbar the wrench-icon:

  • Click on “Add Modfier” and select: Remesh.
  • Play a bit with the functions in the Remesh-Panel and see the result in the 3D-Window.
  • When your Model is ready, click on Apply and export it.
blender | the remesh function
blender | the remesh function

Important: Do not set the “Octree Depth” higher than 7 or 8 (This used many calculating time of your PC!).

Tutorial | Shrink 3D-Model data with Blender2019-04-22T08:33:37+02:00

Use Blender for your 3D-Model and show it in Canvasio3D and WordPress

Why we recommend Blender

Blender is a free open source 3D-Program for beginner and also for professionals. We use this program for testing 3D-Models and also for tutorials in the future, in there we will show, how you can editing and optimizing your 3D-Model, to use it in Canvasio3D.

Blender is for beginner not easy to use. But when you understand how blender works, then it’s a great and intuitive 3D-Program.

Here a link to Youtube: Blender Beginner Tutorial

blender | open movies
Use Blender for your 3D-Model and show it in Canvasio3D and WordPress2019-04-22T08:33:37+02:00

Virtual Reality

Head Mounted Displays (VR glasses) to be 2016 an exciting area. Here are some suggestions

Especially interesting for users of Playstation-VR.

Sony Morpheus | Head Mounted Displays

HTC Vive is perhaps a good competition to the Oculus.

Steam | HTC Vive

Oculus wants to be a leader, whether it will succeed in show 2016th.

Oculus | Head Mounted Displays

Also interesting is the new 3D glasses from Samsung.

Samsung | Gear VR

Glyph use no LCD-Displays to show 3D-Graphics.

Avegant Glyph

Virtual Reality2019-04-22T08:33:37+02:00

Looking for 3D-Models?

Here are three suggestions links

3D-Models from free to relatively expensive for professionals.

TurboSquid | 3D-Models

Free models of professional designers, engineers and architects.

GRABCAD | 3D-Models

Search Engine for 3D Printing Models with plenty of choice on many topics.

yeggi | 3D-Models

Looking for 3D-Models?2019-04-22T08:33:37+02:00
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