Tutorial | Shrink 3D-Model data with Blender

If you show 3D-Models in your website, it’s important that this will load quickly in the Browser, but most 3D-Models have many megabytes of data.

The data from 3D-Models are basically points and lines. The points determine this precise position in a 3D-Space and the lines connecting these points to surfaces.

A rounded- or complex 3D-Model needs many “points and lines”, however with a good 3D-Software can you some of this connections delete, without deteriorating the quality and thereby reduce the data size of this model.

That’s how the Remesh-Modfier works in Blender:

Import you 3D-Model:

  • Click left top on “file”.
  • Move the mouse down and select: Import.
  • After loading, right click on you 3D-Model in the Blender window.
blender | import model
Select on the right top little toolbar the wrench-icon:

  • Click on “Add Modfier” and select: Remesh.
  • Play a bit with the functions in the Remesh-Panel and see the result in the 3D-Window.
  • When your Model is ready, click on Apply and export it.
blender | the remesh function
blender | the remesh function

Important: Do not set the “Octree Depth” higher than 7 or 8 (This used many calculating time of your PC!).

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