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One of the frequently asked questions about 3D graphics is how it works with the rotation of objects and the camera.

Actually, it is not that complicated, because every 3D object in virtual space has only two properties for this purpose: An “anchor point” or origin point to which it is quasi fixed in space and a kind of “compass” that aligns itself to the coordinates: x,y,z.

The “compass” determines how a 3D object aligns itself in virtual space and the “anchor point” is the point around which the whole object can be rotated. Both are often not visible details of a 3D object, which can be a bit irritating.

Camera rotation in most 3D-Programs and in Canvasio3D

If a user moves the mouse to change the view of the 3D-Window, only the viewer’s camera is actually rotated around the camera anchor point. In Canvasio3D this point is in the center of the virtual space and has the value null for the coordinates x,y,z.

Model Position and Alignment

When a 3D model is created or exported, the values for its position and orientation in virtual space are also saved. Therefore it is possible that during the rotation in the Canvasio3D 3D-Window the model does not seem to rotate, but “wobbles around”.

Solving the “wobbles around”-Effect for the rotation

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On the right 3D-Window can you see, that the red ball in the center seems to rotate, but the 3D-Model moves around in a “orbit” position.

To solve it, easily import you 3D-Model in e.g. Blender and try this little Youtube video from 3Dschool to correct the position of it.