A New Canvasio3D Pro is out Now!
The 3D-Plugin for your 3D-Models in WordPress
Version: 2.0.7 – Better than ever before!

      Canvasio3D Pro Is More Than A Viewer, It’s A Powerful Configurator.

      It’s simple to insert your own 3D-Models in your WordPress Page. Upload it with the WordPress Media Manager and configure the separate settings for each Model in the WordPress backend.

      Supported file formats: .glTF | .glb | .stl | .obj & .mtl (Wavefront)

      Canvasio3D Pro is a online tool to present professional your 3D-Models on your own WordPress Website, with different Light Sets, Environments, Gallery slider and configurations of individual templates.

      Files in the format: .obj loaded automatic the same named .mtl file for own material and texture settings.

      If you use the .glTF or .glb file format Canvasio3D Pro shows the animation as a “Ping-Pong”-Loop, if this present in the file.

      In the Canvasio3D Pro backend you can change the Color, Transparency, Reflection and the Shine for each Model material.

      Canvasio3D Pro is not like Sketchfab, because with our Plugin you can easily use your 3D-Models from your own WordPress website!

      canvasio3d wordpress zip-file uploadUse the Zip-File Upload for many- or larger Models.

      canvasio3d wordpress 3d-model thumbnail screenshotMake a Thumbnail from your Model with one click.

      More Informations?

      Click the Video below to see a overview of the Canvasio3D Pro functions.

      Give Your Model Background A Stile.

      Many Models look great in a separate environment. In Canvasio3D Pro can you easily set up it for each Model with a click. From a Ocean up to a static Model for the background.

      wordpress canvasio3d 3d-scene background settings

      light sts

      Select different Environments (Cube-Maps) for your scene or load a Image for the Model background.

      For the bottom of your Model you can select a mirrored Floor or an Ocean

      Get the right Light for your Model and click simple one of the ready configurations settings in the light set menu.

      Upload a static Model in the scene that can be used for the background.

      Connect Models Together.

      With the docking system of Canvasio3D Pro can users and visitors combine two Models with a click. Simple to use for seller of Jewelry up to Car parts configuration.

      In the backend of Canvasio3D Pro you can separates all of your Models in two kind of Objects.

      To connect your Models, can you determine one as a Basic Object and other as Sub-Objects, that shall fit to it.

      If you want to use WooCommerce with a Model, you only need to enter the Product-ID of a WooCommerce product.

      See a youtube video from Reevo how it’s works:

      wordpress canvasio3d 3d-model docking system

      Buy Canvasio3D Pro.

      Our 3D-Plugin for WordPress has become constantly expanding and is now ready to use for many possibilities.

      Extends your WordPress with 3D:

      • 3D-Model viewer for WordPress
      • Shows interactive 3D-Models in your WordPress
      • Smooth Model Rotation up to 360 degrees
      • Material individualization
      • Full screen Model and Zoom view
      • Gallery slider for custom thumbnails
      • Simple Woocommerce support
      • Easy to use configuration for Models and Page-Templates
      • Support File format: glTF | glb | stl | obj & mtl
      • Support glTF | glb file format animation
      • File upload on your own web space
      • In time unlimited regular License
      Since March 2012 have we expanded our 3D-plugin software for WordPress, constantly improved and supplemented with additional functions. Now it’s time that we do it for Woocommerce too.

      Our updates will continue to be free for all Buyers.

      A help and more information for the WordPress Plugin installation can you find in our Documentation