Canvasio3D Plugin Installation / Upgrade
  • Login to the Dashboard of your WordPress website
  • Click on Plugins in the Dashboard menu on the left side
  • Select Add New plugin on the top
  • Search for “Canvasio3D Light” in text field right top
  • Install Canvasio3D Light and activate it
  • Now can you find “Canvasio3D” left side in the dashboard menu

  • To register and Upgrade: Click on the question mark and enter your license key to download
  • Upgrade from Canvasio3D Light: After download of your Upgrade Version must you activate it once:
  • Enter the plugins Menu of WordPress and click on activate Canvasio3D

Read more in the -> documentation

Problem solutions

Block Editor message “Updating failed. The response is not a valid JSON response”:
Canvasio3D did not run with the Block Editor. So please switch to the classic WordPress Editor, that you can download here.

Layout & Graphic problems after update:
Simple clear the browser cache and reload the page

If you need a 3D-Model for testing:
Click here to download

Uploaded Model not loaded:

  • Canvasio3D has a upload limit of 70MB for an zip-file
  • 3D-Model data with 100MB or more do not run in most browser
  • Model can be to big or small, for this use the scale slider to adapt it
  • The data is packed in a subdirectory of the zip-file, so Canvasio3D can not find it
  • Sometimes can the data be broken, so test it with a free program like e.g. Blender
  • An .obj file can only load with a second file named: .mtl (In this file are the material entries for the model)
  • The name of an .obj and .mtl file should be the same, e.g. myModel.obj and myModel.mtl
  • Loading of the 3D-Models takes far too long – Maybe this tutorial will help by this problem
  • By loading problems with Firefox can you try an addon called “CORS Everywhere” (Thanks Dustin)

Model is only black after loading (.obj format)
The .obj file format stores all material information in a separate .mtl file, where also are the entries for textures. By exporting of an model can it be, that this entries are not correct. To check it, open the .mtl file with a standard text editor like notepad and search for entries that begins with: map_Kd. After it should only be the name of the texture like e.g.: map_Kd modelTexture.jpg

Rotation of the Model are not correct:
Canvasio3D rotate ever the camera around the x,y,z world coordinates. Read our blog entry for more: About camera and model rotation

More information can you read in the documentation for Canvasio3D

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