WordPress Plugin for 3D-Graphics with 360° rotation and zoom

Welcome to Canvasio3D
The Professional 360° Graphic Viewer for WordPress and WooCommerce

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Easily extend your WordPress Website with 3D Graphics

The online world is becoming more and more 3D and you would like participating to this trend with 360° rotation, zooming, animation and 3D-Model customizing?

Or do you still use a “Old School” Website with rely static images, videos, text and you maybe would like to:

  • Simply install a plugin
  • Offer your visitors more interactive possibilities?
  • Show 3D-Graphics with animations and zoom freely up to 360° rotate?
  • Keep control over all 3D-Objects on your own website?
  • To offer your 3D-Printing products?
  • Show your 3D-Room scans in WordPress?
  • Easily customize 3D-Models in WordPress?
  • Show 3D-Models and Product Items in your WooCommerce shop?
  • Then just take a look on Canvasio3D Light and try it
  • Or go to WordPress.org to download Canvasio3D Light for free!

Read more in the Documentation

We offer you the right 3D solution at a one-time cost and support your independence in terms of administration and customization.
How easy Canvasio3D is to use, shows this small and a bit older video of Canvasio3D Pro:

About Us

We are a German freelance company and programming since 1996 web applications most properly for 3D-Graphic and Service in WordPress websites. We also produce elektro music since 2022 – For this, visit Us on webElectric.de | If you are looking for a professional solution for your project, just write us a few lines | Contact us