Shows 3D-Graphic and 3D-Products in your WooCommerce shop

Extends WooCommerce to show Items and Products as 3D Graphic!
Present your own 3D-Models in WordPress and WooCommerce!
Version: 1.4.1

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Extends WooCommerce to show Items and Products as 3D Graphic!

Canvasio3D Woo is the Plugin for WordPress that simply extends your WooCommerce Shop to display 3D-Graphics in every Page.

Show your engineer- and architect works, or present your 3D-Arts and 3D-Printing Models on your own WooCommerce Shop!

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Variabelle Shop-Demo

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There are the Diamonds!

Variabelle Shop-Demo
Canvasio3D Woo-NG | Features:
  • 3D-Model viewer plugin for WordPress & WooCommerce
  • Shows interactive 3D-Models in your WordPress
  • Shows interactive 3D-Items in WooCommerce
  • For single and variation product items
  • Displays of HQ-Diamonds possible for 3D-Jewelry
  • Shows a WordPress-Video surface in the 3D-Scene
  • WordPress-Video as texture possible in the 3D-Scene
  • Smooth model rotation up to 360 degrees
  • No short-code limit per page for scenes
  • Zip-File upload in your WordPress
  • Supported File format: glTF | glb | stl | obj & mtl
  • Supported animation for glTF | glb file format
  • Full screen model- and smooth zooming view
  • Use WordPress thumbnails to load scenes
  • Material customizing
  • HQ-Gaphic quality
  • Wire-frame look and button
  • Animation play and button
  • Camera FOV scaling for mobiles
  • Camera lock switch
  • Camera pan switch
  • Water effect
  • Different Light-Sets
  • 360 degrees Panorama background
  • Individual 2D-Image background or color
  • No monthly charges
  • Time unlimited license
Since March 2012 have we expanded our 3D-Plugin software for WordPress, constantly improved and supplemented with additional functions.

Our updates will continue to be free for all Buyers.