3d in wordpress 3d in woocommerce

Woocommerce is an excellent shop platform for WordPress and probably the most popular on the web. If you value to show your customers more than just 2 dimensions of your products in a simple picture, then you are wright her on this post!

Interactive product Items in 3D | Rotate | Zoom and more

Most online shops, for example to sell jewelery, order programmers to build the product presentation for there websites, but thats is mostly very expensive and needs a lot of time. With a combination of WordPress and the installed Woocommerce plugin have you a very good basic shop to sell your products by yourself without hiring programmers for this!

But time is advancing and more online shops shows there products now as 3D-Items, that customers can interactive free rotate and zoomed, to look what there get on sell. Big web portals like the online shops of Amazon or eBay do’t do it at this time, because the technical effort is for there probable still too high. So, at the moment you can do more, so the big ones, if your use WordPress & Woocommerce and our new 3D-Plugin: Canvasio3D Woo!

Want to know more? – Visit our page: Make Woocommerce ready for 3D-Items!