Make Woocommerce ready for 3D! - 3D Web-Development

Make Woocommerce fit for 3D Items
Is not so complicated as it sounds!

3d in wordpress

The first steps

First need you a online provider where you can get your web space or online server and this supplier give mostly a simple possibility to install directly WordPress on your own. If not, can you download WordPress from here and transfer the installation data to your webspace with a FTP-Program e.g. WinSCP download.

With a installed WordPress on your web space can you simple add the Woocommerce plugin inside the main menu. Just click here on Plugins in WordPress on the left and search Woocommerce with the right top text bar.

Finally upload and install our Canvasio3D Woo plugin in the WordPress plugins menu section.

Use Woocomerce with Canvasio3D Woo | Next generation

With a installed Canvasio3D Woo plugin can you use the menu functions of the 3D-Window in every edit page and upload your 3D-Model for the selected Woocommerce product-ID. Read the documentation if you would like to know more about the Canvasio3D Woo functions.

When you familiar with Woocomerce than create simply a new product entry or take a existing one. Canvasio3D Woo do not change any of the Woocommerce functions and you can use it about the same way as a simple Woocommerce product image.

If you need a little help to configure your first product variations, visit this great tutorial for Woocommerce: How to Set Up WooCommerce Variations and Variable Products

And of course has Canvasio3D Woo also all the functions of our Canvasio3D Pro version like the example in the bottom:

3d in woocommerce

3D-Models for your Product Items

In Woocommerce do you use normally product images to present your Items but many of them was designed in 3D like e.g. jewellery’s, so why not use 3D-Models directly in your shop? To use models like that should not be a problem, Canvasio3D Woo needed only Models in the file format: glb | gltf | stl or obj & mtl to run!

If you are a Graphic Designer and made your Models by yourself but have not the right 3D-Programm try the free application: Blender

And when your are not have the Models that you need, can you maybe found the right Graphic Designer on